Visitors to Bali will tell you it's a paradise on earth. Welcome to the garden...

One of over 14,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is unique in the region. Predominantly Hindu, the gentle people of Bali live in a peaceful, relaxing enclave untouched by the troubles that afflict other parts the world.
Information about Bali

As well as its spectacular scenery, Bali offers activities and attractions to satisfy many interests...
Ancient temples Festivals and cultural performances
Traditional dance Arts and handcrafts
Exquisite shopping Fine restaurants
Golf and tennis Bars, cafes and nightlife
Diving, snorkelling, and rafting Hiking, biking and horseback riding
Adventure activities Beautiful beaches
Island cruises Nature trips and exotic birdlife
... and more.

For information about what to see and do during your honeymoon, and information about traveling to and from Bali, we recommend you visit the Lonely Planet guide to Bali. Simply let us know what activities you're interested in when you make your booking and your Honeymoonbali Host will make the necessary arrangements.