To complete your booking for your unforgettable Bali honeymoon, just use the form below to make your final payment. Your information will be processed on a secure server by an international credit card authorization service. Your final payment is US $ 1695.

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Sometimes modern technology is a problem in Paradise. At times Bali has electricity failures; if you do not receive a response to your e-mail or fax within 24 hours, please assume electricity problems have prevented us from successfully receiving your message and make contact with us again. You can contact us any time at, or fax +62-361-974-068. finds travel insurance from your home country is essential for a carefree honeymoon. Many credit card companies now offer this when paying with your credit card as you will be doing with

Cancellations made more than 30 days before your arrival will be refunded 50% of the total cost of the package. After 30 days you will be refunded 25% of the total cost of the package. For circumstances beyond all control including weather, war and other acts of God, you will be refunded in full, less the $200 deposit.

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